ALIAD Maritime Services Representatives:
Damaris Dewar
Cell: +507 6871 0148

Ariadne Iglesias
Cell: +507 6599 0149

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

For Classification Services we could assist with the following:

- Classification hull, machinery, automatization, refrigeration, installation and boiler of vessels, crafts & floating units.
- Acting with delegate authority on behalf of Governments, respect of statutory requirements.
- Providing other technical inspections and engineering services as required.

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

We also provide all legal services for Ship Registration:
- Registration of Ship
- Mortgage registration
- Extension of registration document
- Deletion of registration certificate
- Minimum Safe Manning Certificate (MSMC)
- Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)
- Bunker Convention Certificate (BCC)
- Maritime Litigation
- Competency certificate for seaman
- Incorporation of Offshore Companies

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ALIAD Maritime Services

I will like to formally introduce ALIAD Maritime Services which is an organization that provides worldwide service to conduct statutory surveys and certification on behalf of Panama Maritime Authority and Sierra Leona Administration. In order to achieve this service we have establish a network of qualified and experienced surveyors located in strategic major ports of the world.

Statutory surveys and certifications are carried out in strict compliance with the IMO Conventions and as per Flag State Requirements. For your reference we could assist on issuing the following:
- Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate
- Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate
- Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate
- International Load Line Certificate
- International Tonnage Certificate
- Tonnage Certificate for vessel less than 24 meters in length
- International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate
- International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate
- International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate
- Engine International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate
- International Safety Management Certificate
- Document of Compliance (ISM)
- International Ship Security Certificate
- Pleasure Yacht Safety Certificate
- Cargo Ship Safety Certificate for Vessels under 500 GT
- Certificate of Crew Accommodation
- Fishing Vessel Safety Certificate
- Cargo Ship Safety Radiotelephone Certificate
- Document of Compliance with the Code of Safety Practice for Solid Bulk Cargo
- Cargo Fitness Certificate (ILO Convention 32)
- Caribbean Cargo Ship Safety Certificate
- Certificate for Shipboard Incinerators
- Anti-Fouling System on Ship Certificate
- Passenger Ship Safety Certificate (Sierra Leona Only)
- Document of Compliance for Carrying Dangerous Goods (Sierra Leona Only)
- International Pollution Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk (Sierra Leona Only)
- Certificate of Fitness for carriage of Liquefied Gases in Bulk (Sierra Leona Only)
- International Certificate of Fitness for Carriage of dangerous Chemicals in Bulk (Sierra Leona Only)
- High Speed Craft Safety Certificate (Sierra Leona Only)
- Special Purpose Ships Safety Certificate (Sierra Leona Only)
- Certificate of Fitness for Offshore Support Vessels (Sierra Leona Only)
- MODU Safety Certificate (Sierra Leona Only)
In regards to Classification Surveys:

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

Inspections of this type are generally performed for insurance purpose or as part of a pre-purchase inspection (certification) and it covers:

- Determination of the structural integrity of hull
- Machinery and Hydraulic
- Boiler
- Refrigerating Installation
- Automatization
- Operational Safety
- Shipyards (vessel construction)
- Vessel Repairing Facilities
Other Services:
- Condition and valuation surveys
- Damage Surveys
- Value of the vessel

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

For Approval and Development Plans & Manuals we could assist with the following certification:

- Stability and Loading Information Booklet
- Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan
- Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan
- Cargo Securing Manual
- Procedure and Arrangement Plan
- Dedicated Clean Ballast Tank Operations Manual
- Crude Oil Washing Operations and Equipment Plan
- General Arrangement Plan
- Water Ballast Management Plan
- Safety Management Manual
- Ship Security Plan
- Fire Control Plan
- Grain Stability Booklet
- Subdivision and Damage Stability Booklet
- Engine Technical File
- Ship Structure Access Manual

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