Marineserv Panama, Chemicals.

Delivery of Chemical to ships in Panama.

We are happy to announce that have been awarded contract for sale of UNITOR products here in Panama. We, therefore like to welcome customers and owners / managers of ship visiting Panama to take contact with us when they need chemicals and other UNITOR products.

If you today get your chemical supply from other suppliers, we might save you  as much as 15-20% .

We will also offer to take water test of engines and boilers on regular basis, and provide contracted terms of agreement to keep customers engines and boilers water systems within recommended limits, and to avoid severe damages of this equipment as of corrosion from inside. This is today a serious couse for reducing of life span of machinery, and a major reason of increased maintenance cost.


Cooling water pipes corroded inside by lack of water treatment. Decreasing cooling, damage water flow and increase cost of repairs.
Could also damage generator electrical system an cause black out if water pipes brake and leak water into electrical power generator. 


See cooling water corrosion from inside engines damaged by oxidized water. Also blocking water flow and give poor cooling to engine manifoils.




Based on many hundreds of surveys, we find that operational control of cooling water treatment programs is often neglected and that it is the single most common cause of water management program failure. The best possible combination of corrosion, scale, and deposition control chemicals, with effective biocides, is completely worthless if not consistently and correctly applied to the cooling water.

Vessels at which DPI (Damage Inspection Prevention) inspection were carried out, shows the important shortcomings of machinery maintenance came to light deficiencies with issues like:

-Insufficient cooling water treatment (82%),

-Alignment of flexible mounted engines not checked (80%),

-Lack of maintenance management (76%),

-Not carried out alarm calibrations ( 52%),

All these deficiencies have a high damage risk, where lack of cooling water treatments is topping the list. 

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