Although we are newly established in Panama, we have the pleasure of knowing some of the most important connection to the maritime industry here. As from this base we are able to provide services for our customers abroad and local alike which are mostly only known by the chosen few in our line of business. This we believe is our strength, together with the fact that we have build up a machinery work shop which is able to accommodate specific need for our customers with ships passing the canal, or for customers within the area.


Passing the Panama Canal with Technical problems can be a costly experience for the ship owners, and some of this we believe we can help with our 24/7 services. We valuate our customers needs as our personal responsibility and will do anything in our power to make sure all your problems is taken care of as soon as possible.






As one of the few Panamanian Special Marine Repair Services in canal cone, we offer technical Services And Spare Supply / Delivery. We specialize in following areas:


  • Marine Diesel Engine Turbocharger Repair And Part Delivery.
  • Propeller and propeller shaft Repair And Part Delivery.
  • Stabilizer Repair And Part Delivery. (Technical and Electronic repair).
  • Bow Thruster Repairs And Spare Part Delivery.
  • Cylinder heads, Liners And Pistons Overhaul and Spares.
  • Diesel Engines Turbocharger And El. Motors Balancing.
  • Fuel Injector And Pumps Repairs And Part Delivery.
  • Infrared Photography Of Electrical And Mechanical Equipment.
  • Thickness Measurements.
  • Marine Diesel Engine Repairs And Part Replacement.
  • Most Mechanical And Structural Emergency Repairs.
  • Electrical Motors Overhaul / Repair.
  • Welding Pipes And Plate Work Repairs.
  • Batteries Recharging And Replacement.
  • Almost Any Metal Machine Work Repair And Part Production / Replacement.

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