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Injector Tester

Rail Injectctor Tester (New 2010)
@ Measuring fuel delivery of a common rail injector
@ Checking injector nozzle spray pattern
@ Cleaning sophisticated components of injectors
1, Using pneumatic amplifier actuator to generate high pressure fuel source to feed the injector
(1)Required shop compressed air supply, 6-8bar, out flow 150L/min
(2)Fuel Pressure range 0-1200bar
(3)Fuel type: Diesel fuel
(4)Fuel Pressure stability +/-50bar
2, Simulate engine ECU signals to drive either a solenoid or a piezoelectric actuator in a common rail injector
(1)Adjustable injection frequency, represented by engine speed, 0-4000rpm
(2)Adjustable injection pulse width or injection duration, 0-6ms
3, Fuel delivery measurement
Price: US $ 8350.00