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This is Rio. It's a beautiful place this time of year. I was here to view a competition for Grannies on behalf of my company on their campaign, "Good life For Old People". As you can understand I was not very happy about my mission there, and ask my boss to send someone else. Everybody turned him down, and he insisted that I had to go. How it turned out, I do not remember much of the hole competition, but I got some pictures back for my boss, who I have not seen ever since. Wonder where he went?


Brazilian Grandma Competition...


This is my friend Roger's Grandma. She really got angry when I took this picture. I wondered why, and she told me she forgot to put on her lipstick. Looks more sexy then she sad. 


This is my Grandma. I really ask her to quit smoking, but she told me to F..  Off. She wanted to go with me to Brazil, but I told her that then it would not be any competition, as she would win everything. She gave me a farewell kiss for that remark.


This is my friend Ben's Grandma. She is originally from Russia. She is now almost 50 years old, but in good shape as you can see. She did not have time to put on her makeup before I took this picture.

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