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Learn To Build A Web Page For Free And Sell Other Peoples Products For Up To 75% Comission!

Learn To Build Your Own Web Page For Free And Sell Other Peoples Products For Up To 75% Comission!

Selling and Advertising on the Internet has become one of the most lucrative businesses of all. An ordinary person who cannot get a job has become millionaire almost overnight!  People with no education but with a lot of energy to do something that they really do not know what is have found their fortune in a simple computer and a Internet line! They enjoy what they are doing and make lots of money at the same time. Who are they and what interest do they have? They are persons like you and me, they like music, games, sports and much more. They are creative in what they like, but the education is just not giving them what they are looking for, and they lose interest and concentration. They become an “Outsider” But are they really so bad? No, of course not. They just cannot find their way in the system. Most likely this persons will find them self as Business owners! Remember that when something is boring, many times it means that is not for you. Ok, sometimes everything is “boring”, it is just not a good day. Anyway, let’s get on with our business suggestion.

What can we sell on the Internet and how do we sell it? The answer to this can be complicated, but we will here mostly concentrate on the easy parts. To be successful in the Internet business as other businesses, the first thing you need to have is something to sell off course, but without customers it does not matter if you have the best selling objects in the world! This is why we concentrate about showing you where to advertise your products first, and on the end of this blog we will help you find the products to sell and an easy website to set up and place your products almost as easy as “Copy and Paste”

You Tube can be an excellent place to advertise your web page and presentations. You Tube has many members which put their interest, photos and blogs there for anyone to read, and to meet others with same interest. There is many things you can share on You Tube which we believe is good for young and old alike, but with all this is also attracting people with less healthy view on Sex and Porn. We believe that Sex and Porn can be acceptable when in controlled form, but in a big forum like You Tube it is not so easy to have complete control over what is put there of Sex and Porn at all time.

Another excellent search engine and advertising giant is Google. With Google you can advertise with “Pay Per Click”, Adwords and many other ways. You can also use Google to find the best Keyword, picture pages and much more. Google have also their own Search Engine which you can use instead of Explorer . If you need an email address, Gmail from Google is an excellent mailing alternative for Yahoo and Hotmail.

A smaller, but almost as popular search engine is Yahoo. Yahoo has similar set up as Google, but in a little smaller scale. But do not underestimate Yahoo. Remember that Yahoo at this moment is the second biggest search engine. I believe also that Yahoo is a little cheaper to advertise with than places like You Tube, Google and properly also Facebook.

Facebook we mention. Yes Facebook is a fast grooving Internet web site visited by millions every day. It should also be considered a attractive advertising site. Facebook has managed to be very popular all over the world. Facebook is majorly used to find families and long lost friends from school time and more. Pictures are also a popular hobby on Facebook.

If you have things to sell you should consider using eBay. Together with PayPal to receive your payments for what you sell on eBay, is both fun and very educational.  eBay sell everything from cell phones to Cars, and sometimes you can make a real good deal on eBay. It is very easy to sign up, and we recommend you to sign up for both eBay and PayPal at the same time. Information how to sign up for PayPal you will get from eBay once you have signed up.

There is another popular site, MySpace, but we are not so familiar with MySpace and we therefore recommend you to check it out for yourself here.

As we mentioned before, many popular web sites is also a connection point for, less acceptable to your children, Sex And Porn. We are not pointing any finger at everything connected to Sex And Porn, but some of the more un-healthy stuff we can spare our children for with little effort on our part.

Wikipedia  is an excellent web page if you like to find out the meaning of a word or how an engine work in principal. Unfortunately Wikipedia struggling to survive these days as the author is based on voluntary contribution. If you are looking up a word or using Wikipedia for anything, please donate a small contribution to save this excellent web site.  We are not a sponsor of Wikipedia, but believe strongly that this web site is worth saving.

Have you ever hear mentioned Clickbank? If you are looking for a business on the Internet, and do not have anything to sell, then you should consider signing up for Clickbank. Clickbank have a marked place where you can sell other peoples product and get 45 – 75% of the sale! Yes, it is true, you can make as much as 75% of the sale on Clickbank marked place! If you ever wanted to try Internet sale this is the right place to begin. Clickbank you can use together with Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Facebook and many more to sell the items on Clickbank markedplace.

To help you more with selling on Internet and Clickbank, I will give you another Ace to use, and you will LOVE it! This Ace is ClickBank Rotator! With Clickbank Rotator you can set up an automated link on your web page that advertise a product or more automatically on your pages! It is fantastic! It changes all the times to any product of your choice without you doing anything but putting the link on your page! Clickbank Rotator is like something you never seen before, and you have to try it out if you like to make business on the Internet.

I cannot mention Clickbank without mentioning the web site where you can find the most popular product and evaluation of Clickbank products. CBengine are excellent to use to find the most popular products on Clickbank to sell. Do not aim for the top product, but try to find a product that has a high rank among the 100 – 200 most popular in each category. Spend some time with this, and you will learn that to be successful in this you have to find a nice where you as a newbie are able to compete.


Web Sites To Build.

We can recommend a few web sites that are easy to make on your own, and we recommend you to take the free version to get to know it and how to build your own before you go for the professional site that you may have to pay for. The only difference between your paid web site and the free one is that the amount of space is less, there is no advertisement from others on your paid site as it will be on your free one, the things you can put there is a little more limited for the free one and a few other thing which you will discover when you make your page. If you have no previous experience, do not worry, it is not difficult as you may think. We especially like 2 different web sites providers that we will recommend here. We are NOT a paid promoter of this Site Providers, but we have used this for years, and love the easy way it can be done here:

The first one above here has many beautiful templates and are build in minutes when you get the hang of it. It also have many good advertisement possibilities and special stuff you can add to your web site. Try it out now.

The second one above is the one we have used mostly because it has many advantages like quick insert of photos and many other things like PayPal site “Buy Button” and much more for your business. Whoever, the taste of people is different and we advise you to test the both fully.


In the end we like to present you with a few useful links that you can use to promote your business. We have used them successfully in many occasions, and hope they will be equaled useful to you. We hope that our blog here will help you get started on your way to a successful business and appreciate any promotion of our small blog here as a sign of your success.

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