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We Can Make You Banners Like Those Above, Or Menus Like Below.
*Simple Banner With Text A Week: $24.00 - Month: $45.00
  Simple Menu With Link A Week  : $16.00 - Month: $35.00
Your Own Web Site A Week:      $25.00 - Month: $44.00
Your Paper Made Site A Week:  $28.00 - Month: $47.00
**Pictures Of Sales Items A Week: $18.00 - Month $37.00
You May Also Buy Banners Or Menues To Use On Your Own Web Pages For $25.00 Pcs., And We Will Ad The Text Or / And Links.
Other Banners And Menues Available On Request.

* You Provide What You Like To Write On The Banner. Only 3 Short Sentences On Each Banner. If Wanted, Link Is made to Where You like for Customers to Go When They Click on It.

**Up To 30 Pictures For The Same Price. If You Like To Put Text On Each Picture It Has To Be Short To Fit In. No Extra Cost For Text Here.