Refineries And Jackup Rigs


We Hav A Collection Of Refineries And Jackup Rigs, New And Used For Sale Or Lease. Please Click Here For More Information.


1- 375FT  New BUILD  5 Year CHARTER ONLY   $179,000.00 Per Day.  With Crew   approx  $197,000.00  Per Day. 

This Unit Is Brand New State Of Art Is A "Lease To Buy"  Option For 5 Year Period. Please Contact Above Or Below For More Information.

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Here is another:
This rig is a working rig and is currently on a job. This rig can be worked with only DAILY UPKEEP. The Sell Price $ 105,000,000.00 Includes Commissions.  This is a 250 FT rig .
Not yet available for sale..

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