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We like to introduce to you the best way to save money on Energy. Did you know that between 80 - 90 % of the heat or cooling in most buildings comes from your windows? This means that whatever you spend on use of Air Condition or heating can be reduced by 70 - 80 % (Sometimes more) by using our insulating and UV window sun protection and insulation! This protection does more than saves on your electricity bill. It also save everything inside the room from the sun's damaging effect.

The window will also look good from outside as of the mirror effect that reflects the sun damaging ultraviolet Radiation the same way as good sunglasses.

Most families in tropical areas pay a considerable amount of the monthly income for use of air condition. As a matter of fact also areas with cold weather can save 30% or more on energy consumption, as this sheet will isolate and protect. Yes, it protect as well. Think about your Furniture. After several months with sunlight, the color of your Furniture and more will tint and loose color. If you have leather furniture’s, they will dry out and crack from light from the sun. This is also the fact in cold areas.


We are talking quick, easy and reasonable installation of Sun protection and insulation sheets on your windows. For large offices and Commercial building owners this  means extremely high saving on yearly bases.


It also last for a long time. We can guarantee that with normal cleaning of windows, it will not have to be replaced for the next 5 - 10 years! With such low investment and high gain, it is nothing less than waste of money not to install this protection on your windows.


Cruise Shipping Companies.


As Chief Engineer on large Cruise vessels for many years, we know that cost of fuel are increasing rapidly, and in few other businesses, the saving of energy means more to company financial survival then here. On the next page you will find an average cost of middle size Cruise ship using air condition and increasing load in tropical areas. Most Cruise ships will be in tropical areas for logical reasons, but also cold whether increases electricity bill and herby cost as of poor insulated areas like windows and more.


We have expertise knowledge of increased power and fuel consumption on ships of all type, especially on cruise ships where windows heat or cooling penetration cost these ships considerably amount of money each year. Other Increased power consumption as of usage of other equipment on board which is total un-necessary usage or insulation problems, or both.


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