Real time experience.

I have spent 47 years on board ships working with all kinds of technical systems , and the maintenance of same. The ships were everything from cargo / tankers to modern high tech cruise ships.


During these years I have learned a few things that specialized technicians and engineers from the best repair companies, engine manufacturers, electronic systems manufacturers and more, only have basic knowledge of. How can I make such statement? The manufacturer is the one who made the Engines / machines/equipments/programs or the electronic components you say. You are right, but there is one thing they cannot do.


They cannot be there all the time and see how their equipment / systems produced, work over long periods of time and are tested with the many real time disturbances, like vibration, rolling, heat, humidity and many other things which shortens the life span of such equipment if not properly maintained.


I HAVE EXPERIANCED THIS, Year after year, under different environments, and influenced by many other conditions then in laboratory testing. Laboratory testing is mostly under the best condition, and only a "real life" on board test can tell you the weakness and the strength of this equipment. It is the different between theory and practice, and we all know that this is never one and the same. I have learned that the same equipment works totally different under different circumstances and influences, and even different from ship to ship. This is like life experience. It cannot be taught at any school, you can only learn it from experience, and this is why it is so valuable.

Saving Energy on board. (Fuel)

If you are a ship-owner or charterer, and nothing else here grabs your attention, this headline should do it. We all know that fuel is getting more and more expensive every year, and the shipping companies are suffering more than anyone else. Large Cruise ships can save huge amounts of money wasted on fuel if they do the right thing. Yes, I sad WASTED. As stated above, I have experienced ships fuel consumption problems from the inside. For example, I have saved a company close to two million dollars one year alone on a single ship! You do not believe me? Well, you could ask this Cruise ship company Manager in person!


I will not reveal a name on an Internet page, but if you contact me I would be more than happy to give you his contact information.


Little about me.

I have, as stated above, 47 years of ship technical experience. At this time I have worked on board in Tanker, Supply, Cargo and Cruise ships all over the world. The last 23 year as Chief Engineer unlimited. Today I am General Manager of MARINESERV LTD INC, and are giving a wide range of technical services and more to shipping all over the world, but mostly now to local shipping passing through the Panama canal, in close cooperation with locals shipping interest here in Panama City, Panama.


Although I am not a spring chicken any longer,  I am in excellent health and shape, which has, I believe, to do with my way of living.


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