ESI 54S Rebuilding Process

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ESI 54S Rebuilding  Process




Disassemble:  Remove  the teetering hub, brake assembly,  85 KW generator and gearbox from the bedplate and prepare to rebuild each item individually. 


Generator:  Disassemble, clean parts,  inspect bearing journals, replace ball bearings (6314, 6312), dip and bake stator, reassemble test and paint. Original generator nameplate information:  Manufactured by Marathon Electric, 85 KW, 480 VAC, 1835 RPM,  frame 365TCZ,  amps 126, type TDS. 


Mechanical brake assembly:   Manufactured by Industrial Clutch. Disassemble, machine wear plates, replace brake pads, replace “O” ring in piston, replace springs, reassemble.  Note: the pads are installed by rivets


Gearbox: Manufactured by Flender Corporation, type PZ90S, ratio 19.612:1,  driven rpm @ 90, catalog rating 150HP,  service rating 94HP, 5 gallon synthetic oil capacity.  Rebuild as necessary. Minimum repairs would include replacing the outboard seals and new synthetic oil. More extensive repairs would  entail replacing bearings and seals and gears as necessary.


Bedplate: Disassemble, sand  and paint. Service the yaw bearing.


Teetering hub: Disassemble, clean parts, inspect bearing journals, replace bearings, reassemble, and paint 


Blades: constructed of fiberglass over wood.  Sand and repair exterior of blades, repair fiberglass dings as necessary, paint with epoxy paint, and balance.  Work  to be subcontracted to Knight & Carver


Air compressor:   Fractional HP  unit  produced by various manufactures, Repair with rebuild kits or replace complete unit 


Switches:  Pressure switch, vibration sensing (wobble) switch and brake pad wear indicator switch-  service and test or replace


Hoses-and control wires:  replace


Droop cables:   Main power cable size 2/4 SO and control cable 16/16 SO.  Replace both at 90’ length each per unit


Control Panel:  Strip control panel components except for the disconnect lever and  meter socket. and update relays and  Second Wind control system with PLC or printed circuit board.  Recondition or replace circuit breaker and magnetic contactor as required. .



Towers:  80’ lattice type triangular  tower, galvanized,  constructed in 20’ sections. Tower weight is  approximately 4000 pounds.  Clean, inspect welds on upright sections, touch up as necessary with galvanized paint.


Bolts:  tower bolts, blade nut bolts, wing tip bolts  all to be replaced..


Electrical connection box: Located at tower base to be repaired or replaced.  And an internal power block rated at 150 amp installed.


Nacelle covers:   constructed of fiberglass To be repaired , sanded and painted.


Reassemble: Install generator and gearbox on bedplate, and align, install compressor, air tank, hoses, gauges and switches, install teetering hub, install brake  assembly,  and paint complete unit as per customer instructions.








Additional Items- not included in the remanufacturing process:, but can be quoted and supplied by seller:

New high tensile strength  “J” bolts need to be made for the foundations-  12 ea per unit

Remote  operating and monitoring capabilities

On-site evaluation and  array set-up

On-site assistance in construction, startup and maintenance

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