Common Rail Injector Tester (JH-1000)
@ Measuring fuel delivery of a common rail injector
@ Checking injector nozzle spray pattern
@ Cleaning sophisticated components of injectors
1, Using pneumatic amplifier actuator to generate high pressure fuel source to feed the injector
(1)Required shop compressed air supply, 6-8bar, out flow 150L/min
(2)Fuel Pressure range 0-1200bar
(3)Fuel type: Diesel fuel
(4)Fuel Pressure stability +/-50bar
2, Simulate engine ECU signals to drive either a solenoid or a piezoelectric actuator in a common rail injector
(1)Adjustable injection frequency, represented by engine speed, 0-4000rpm
(2)Adjustable injection pulse width or injection duration, 0-6ms
3, Fuel delivery measurement

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning


230 Volt Inverter Plasma Cutter with Digital Display

High Quality Trafimet Torch
This is one of the easiest plasma cutters you'll ever use. Easy to read 2" red LCD digital display lets you make precise adjustments. Smooth cutting.

  • 60% duty cycle @ 40 amps
  • Cuts steel from 2mm to 12mm —up to 0.47"
  • 3.5 CFM air flow rate
  • Pilot arc striking system for easy starts

230 Volts, 10 to 40 amp, 60 Hz; Electrode length: 17 ft. 8"; Ground lead: 10 ft. 2" 10AWG; Power cord: 10 ft. 2"
Weight: 49.6 lbs.

Service Machines


ABOVE: Balacing Machine.
max.mass of workpiece: 10-1250kg
max.diameter of workpiece: 1500mm
lathe bed length: 2900mm.
balancing speed: 180-3600rpm
min.achivable residual unbalance: less than 0.5
unbalance reduction ratio: more than 90%
drive power: 5.5kw


Above: Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench JHDS-5
Characteristic of diesel fuel injection pump test bench:
1.  Use advanced frequency conversion speed-regulation technology
2.  Use high performance frequency convertor, have advantages of hi-reliability, ultra-low-noise, perfect linear velocity tuning, and perfect active protection function.
3.  Integration of main motor and work table, hi-constructional precision
4.  Electric motor output directly, hi-output power
5.  Low-current startup, save energy with hi-efficiency
6.  Stable and reliable rotation speed, hi-testing precision.
7.  Rotate clockwise or anticlockwise, speed range of 0-4000 rpm/min, preset at will.
8.  Rotation speed, Temperature control, Count, pressure, advance angle are all displayed on screen or digital meter.

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning


230 Volt, 160 Amp MIG and Flux Welder
For use with or without gas. Preset for gasless flux-core operation.
  • Welds material from 22 gauge to 1/4'' thick
  • Thermal overload protection with warning light
  • Adjustable wire feed control
  • Wheel kit for maximum portability

Comes with welding torch, 1.0 and 0.8 tips, grounding cord with clamp, brush/hammer, hand held welding mask, carrying handle and wheel kit; Input: 230V, 60 Hz, single phase; Welding current range: 35-140 amps (working), 160 amps maximum, Duty cycle: 100% @ 35 amps,18% @ 140 amps; Draws 25 amps @ 230V; Max. open circuit voltage: 20V; Weldable wires: 0.023 to 0.03 0 inch steel and stainless steel; 0.030 to 0.035 inch flux core and aluminum


Above: LAPMASTER Model 12.
12" and 15" models feature a rigid, lightweight, cast aluminum base. The 20" machine features a heavy-duty welded carbon steel base, and can be equipped with a pneumatic pressure plate system for applications requiring high p.s.i. component loading. All of Lapmaster's bench top machines are of the " ring lapper" configuration. This configuration enables you to achieve high standard of flatness and surface finish on a continuous basis through specific positioning of the conditioning rings.

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning


GRANITE 3-in-1 Tools
Smithy Granite machines are the industry standard for quality 3-in-1 lathe/mill/drill machines. Every Granite has automated features that create premium quality results. 3-in-1 Granite machines are ideal for daily use. Maximum features, convenience, speed, and accuracy make any Granite an exceptional value.
Key Features:
Because its the MAX 1324, you get:

• 30% more milling capacity
• 30% more horsepower
• 3-in-1 Lathe/Mill/Drill
• Extended Tailstock Travel
• Positive Millhead Lock
• Crash Protection System
• Overload Protection
• Easy Mount on DRO & CNC System
• Threading Dial
• Variable speed 2 HP Motor
• X & Y Powerfeed (Lathe & Mill)
• Cuts right hand, left hand, metric & inch threads
• Industrial standard tapers

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