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Fuel Consumption And Equipment Damages.

There is more places where you can save money with our services on Troubleshooting & Diagnostic. Let's bring up a vital matter like "Fuel Consumption". If you are not interested in this, it could mean that your charterer is paying for your fuel. Just remember that, the lower fuel consumption you have, the more attractive to charterer your ship will be, so if you are paying for the fuel or not, it will be important for ship owners to save on fuel. Also if you have such problems, the end result will be high cost of engine repairs, and this cost is on owners expense.


No you will ask: " What can your company do to save us fuel?"

The answer is, "Many things". Let's take some samples below:


1. Your ship has a Generator which is smoking a lot. This means most of the fuel you use for this generator does not burn. However the necessary fuel compare to load will increase as only the burned fuel will give you the Power!


2. Your ship has Main Engine or Aux. Engines with poor working Turbochargers. It may not smoke or show any other sign then poor performance. It is also difficult to find as there is very litle signs telling you about this problems on the Turbo itself. We have cases where the Turbine has been dismantled two times and problems never spotted! With our service and equipment, this problem will be found right away!


3. Your ship has a few Breakers or Contactors with one of the three faces with poor contact or non contact problem. The result of this is that the electric motor connected will run on single face! The immediate problem is load increase, f. exc. from 30 A - 50 A. This is 20 A increase which will also need your generator to increase load! More fuel is needed. The next thing is burned motor! Another high cost unnecessarily. This things can not be spotted by eyes alone. Just ask your self how many such motors with contactors and breakers you have onboard, in engine room? In Fan Rooms? In Galleys? In Laundries? and many more places. This is our specialties. With our equipment and skills, we will find your problems.


4. Your Heaters has build up of scaling which isolate between water being heated and heating element. When this happens the heating element need more power to be able to reach the right temperature. More Power-More Fuel Burned.


All this repair will pay for them self and on top save you both equipment (Elements burned and more) and fuel (Money). Click on the link below to see how much a pax ship spend per day only on heaters.

Fuse As It Look With Naked Eye Alone

Fuse As It Look Through Our Camera Lens