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Troubleshooting & Diagnostic.

One of our strongest sides of services is Troubleshooting & Diagnostic. This is one of the most important aspects in connection with repairs. If we do not find the problem that causes damages, is very possible it will happen again. This service will be based on Log Book evaluations together with physical test, IR-Photography and other information gathered.


We have experienced many equipment damages to re-occur due to repair done without finding the reason for the damage, and many workshops is also not interested to investigate as of the simple fact that they are making money from this. For the company it could mean big losses with lay-up and possible loss of charter.


We believe our Service here will save any company much frustration and money to include Troubleshooting & Diagnostic in their ships maintenance program. Remember you do not need to wait for the ships systems to fail before you take this service.  This could be a part of the ships preventive maintenance system.

Se below some damages that re-occur, due to lack of damage investigation, that could have been avoided. The damage cost company around $ 50.000.00 for Turbocharger alone + work, but could have been much more serious if some of the valve parts would have ended up between piston and liner. Our service here will cost owners around $5000.00 / month on regular bases. One small Turbo damage could pay for entire year and on top prevent many other problems to occur.


The facts that this service can be done when ship is sailing is also a very good reason to consider Troubleshooting & Diagnostic in ships maintenance program. In fact this is the best way to perform this service.

Turbine damage exhaust impeller

Un-Original Spares

Parts from Exhaust Valve(s)

Result Of Un-Original Spares

Above is shown parts from damages on Main Engine. This happens tree times in less the 2 month between, all for the same reason. The result was laid up cruise ferry in the middle of high season and loss of huge revenue. Estimated loss in 40 days, approximately $ on revenue only! Repairs estimated to about $ 1.500.000.00 !


What the owner could have saved with our service after the first brake down which was only one day loss of revenue?