IR (Infrared) Thermography

Infrared Thermography, The new revolutionary Survey methods to be used to save time and money in the Marine Industry.


Time And Maintenance Cost, is today the two most important aspects in the shipping business. Whatever is connected to Maritime issues is expensive. This is why it is so important to be better and faster then any other industry shore side. A ship seldom stops to rest as this cost thousands of dollars only for a few hours. Everything has to be done "On the run" , and this is why new methods of fault finding is so important. IR is one of this methods that can save ship owners millions of dollars every year.


Why is That?

IR survey can be done when ship is sailing and engines / equipment is under full load! In fact, this is the best way of finding malfunctioning equipment onboard. By the click of a button you are able to tell the status of machinery, contactors, switches, el. motors, el. boards, fans, Gears, Breakers and much more....the list is endless.

Why change perfectly good running spares? This is what you have to do on normal maintenance!


With this new shipboard survey and maintenance system you can even save BIG on low spare stock!


And everything is evident by IR pictures next to a normal photograph! This method can be implemented as regular maintenance on monthly, every 3 month or quarterly sequence, depending on ships age and standard.




What do the above pictures tell you?

Clearly it tells you that if you do not change this fuses right away you may have a serious problem, depending on what these fuses are for. In worst-case scenario, a fire could be the result. Clearly as well this indicate whatever is connected to this fuses, run on a two face instead of 3.

Only by one single photograph you may at least have saved the cost of a new el. motor, as if a three-face motor run on two face for a period of time, it will burn.

There is no way of telling what is going on with these fuses without a picture like this.

Just look at the picture on the left. Everything look normal, but it is not.


If you are a ship owner, you may practically be sitting on a un-exploded bomb!

What is today a perfectly running ship with high revenue and solid budget, could tomorrow be a laid up and loss of million of dollars just based on a single incident! And you did not see it coming because everything look normal, like the fuses above!


Read Here What Other Does After A Nasty Experiance!

“Prinsesse Ragnhild”, July 1999: all passengers are evacuated due to fire in main engine room. Following this fire, Color Line was determined to do everything to prevent this from happening again. Where many ship operators would have repaired the vessel and perhaps updated the fire fighting equipment somewhat, Color Line decided to pursue the causes of such incidents – on all their vessels. Only days after the incident, the first vessels were surveyed. Hot surfaces were identified using thermoscanning equipment, and the condition of the oil lines was assessed.


Take action now! Don't be caught unprepared. It may save you a fortune with low cost IR preparation / maintenance schedules on regular bases.


IR-Photography, the future marine maintenance system, and we can do it for you now.


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